The following story was reported by Craig V. of Chicago:

"I had the Veralex a year ago. Friends and family knew I had something done to my hair. But people I’ve met since then are clueless. One night I was out with people who I had recently met. One of the guys there was complaining about his thinning hair, kind of joking about it. When I started to offer advice, he said, ‘What would you know about losing your hair? Look at you. You’ll never go bald.’ So I just smiled. There was no reason to let him know what was really going on."

Men who’ve had the Veralex treatment report stories like this all the time. They’re amazed that they’ve gone from a victim of hair loss to being viewed as "one of the lucky guys who will never go bald." If this is hard for you to imagine, it’s completely understandable. It’s literally a complete reversal of where these men were before Veralex came into their lives. And these stories are not only true, they’re actually commonplace amongst men who’ve had the Veralex.

Veralex is 100% implanted human hair, grafted dermal to dermis with a new infusion method that requires no surgery.

All you see, all you feel, all that's discernible to the naked eye is human hair emerging from the scalp. Nothing is more like your original growing hair.

The Veralex treatment is so undetectable that those who've had it claim friends believe that their hair has grown back.

What you tell your friends is up to you. As for people who never knew you before you had the Veralex, why say anything? Except “thank you”, when they comment on how lucky you are to have such a great head of hair.